Women's Sexy Corsets

Women's Erotic Corsets: Enhance Your Allure

Corsets are a must-have for every seductress! There are good reasons why corsets are one of the most popular elements of women's stage costumes. They are an absolute essential for any temptress! Corsets work wonderfully in films, theaters, and even on cabaret stages. It's impossible to imagine a show at the Moulin Rouge in Paris without alluring corsets and colorful feathers.

Red erotic corsetThe popularity and particular magic of this element of sexy women's lingerie stems in part from the fact that a well-designed and sewn corset not only beautifully sculpts the silhouette, emphasizing a woman's greatest assets, but also helps to hide minor flaws by drawing attention away from them.

Sexy Corsets: Lingerie for Special Assignments

Originally, the main purpose of the corset was to stiffen the torso, accentuate the bust, and emphasize and slim the waist. Nowadays, thanks in part to designer knowledge and innovative fabrics and additional elements, the corset provides all these benefits in a much more comfortable and safer way than before. For example, Obsessive brand corsets incorporate tailoring tricks such as tight, slimming materials, stiffening bones, and special additional straps that draw attention exactly where you want.

The power of the corset comes from the fact that after putting it on, a woman gains confidence and the belief that she can be the creator of even the most refined erotic adventures. This applies to women of all ages and silhouettes, because the corset is excellently able to adapt to the body. The Lascava collection includes a special BigBust product line with cups suitable for a large bust.

Nowadays this garment has nothing in common with the uncomfortable and rigid vintage version. Our sexy corsets are designed not only to look amazing, but also to make a woman feel safe and comfortable, and therefore seductive and simply beautiful.

Black Corsets Are Just the Beginning

The classic, most typical corsets, including those that have conquered cabaret and theater stages, are black versions. The Lascava collection offers them in various options, from slightly more conservative, delicately sheer ones, through frivolous ones with imaginative finishes and jewelry additions, to very bold ones (in which, for example, a flirty lace tenderly wraps around the breasts and hips).

Black leather erotic corsetTo make them spectacular and showcase their superior quality at first glance, they incorporate solutions such as:

  • adjustable straps that ensure the best fit,
  • multi-stage fastening on the back or alluring adjustable lacing,
  • bones and stiffening in the cups,
  • a charming addition in the form of a glittering pendant (e.g. between the breasts or on the back),
  • unique lace inserts on the bust and hips,
  • an extremely feminine, semi-sheer mesh on the sides,
  • adjustable garter straps,
  • lace edging that adds charm,
  • sheer fabric that perfectly highlights the figure,
  • a soft bra with bones,
  • a delicate decorative bow,
  • sexy lacing on the stomach ensuring a wow effect while providing a perfect fit,
  • see-through black lace,
  • edges finished with a wavy cutout.

Thanks to European designers' original ideas, the company can offer its customers many black corset styles, each distinguished by something different. This is why many women do not stop at just one corset and even if they first got or bought a style more as an experiment, they very quickly become huge fans of this type of lingerie, collecting different versions.

The variety of Lascava's selection also means that every woman can find something for herself among the corsets. Whether you are planning to purchase your first corset and do not yet know exactly how you will feel in it, or already have several and are well aware of their assets, you will certainly find a product in the Lascava online store that appeals to your taste.

In addition to classic black corsets, European lingerie manufacturers also offers:

  • delicate white versions, perfect for the wedding night or as a gift for the bride-to-be,
  • sensual and extremely seductive red options that will leave no man indifferent.

The Perfect Corset – How to Choose the Right Size?

For the corset to be spectacular yet comfortable and easy to wear, its size must be tailored as closely as possible to your body shape. Thanks to appropriate fabrics (such as elastic material that is a blend of polyamide and elastane) and technologies and solutions (multi-stage fastening, lacing and adjustable straps) this is very simple. So you don't have to worry about buying too big lingerie that will lay unflatteringly on your body rather than alluringly showcase it. Don't be afraid to choose a size too small either, which may make it impossible to properly put on and fasten the corset.

Lascava offers corsets in three sizes: S/M, L/XL, XXL/XXXL, 4XL/5XL, 6XL/7XL

To choose the best for you, use the size chart individually matched to each model. With simple, intuitive diagrams, just measure yourself in the indicated places to perfectly match your dream corset. The rest will be handled by the elastic material that will eliminate any shortcomings.

Erotic Corset – Opt for Bold Accessories

Erotic corsetOf course, sexy stockings will be the perfect complement to an outfit dominated by an erotic corset. Depending on the look you want to create, you can choose black or white, but also beige, pink, ecru or red.

Lascava's erotic corsets are available in sets with matching thongs in a coordinated color. If you want to experiment, swap the panties for a contrasting color that stylishly clashes with the whole. Open crotch styles are also available for daring ladies. They are designed and sewn so that until the big finale of your amorous games, you won't have to take them off. They are sexy, beautifully decorate the body and will be your second skin, and above all an ally on the way to the highest level of male and female bliss.

An unusual addition to an erotic corset that will make your partner's heart beat faster could be a seductive Venetian mask or a paddle inviting naughty games. Items like mittens, blindfolds, playful lace cuffs or harness-like strappy designs can also fulfill this role wonderfully. With such weapons in hand you will be the unquestioned queen of your bedroom.

Did You Know...The Unique History of Corsets

The history of corsets is colorful and tumultuous. Initially designed to sculpt the silhouette, women squeezed into them, willing to endure discomfort in order to look beautiful in a dress. After World War I, a wave of emancipation led to the abolition of corsets and their replacement with brassieres or elastic rubber corsets. In the interwar period they seemed to have almost completely disappeared, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Corsets made a very distinct comeback in the 1980s, partly thanks to fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier and his numerous corset designs specially made for Madonna. This singer ensured the corset became an important element often used in pop culture.

Thanks to Lascava's selection you too can feel like a star! Order your confidence-boosting corset today and rediscover your feminine power.