Balconette Bras

Find the Perfect Balconette Bra from Our Collection!

Balconette BraThe balconette bra stands out with its cut. Its low-cut cups combined with widely-set straps lift and shape the bust beautifully. The breasts are slightly lifted to the front, which looks great with various outfits. The balconette bra is also a very good solution for women with a larger bust – its sturdy construction provides great support. Our selection includes fashionable balconette bras that combine comfort and excellent style. Designed with women who appreciate superior quality in mind. Every balconette in our collection meets the expectations of even the most demanding women.

The sensual balconette bra is the ideal complement to a romantic evening look, and also works well as lingerie for an elegant suit. A comfortable, perfectly fitted balconette bra ensures day-to-day comfort paired with casual clothes. Shop with us for lingerie suitable for everyday wear and many different occasions. We offer a wide selection of patterns, colors and sizes.

Who are Balconette Bras for?

Who should opt for balconette bras? This is an option for any woman who wants to perfectly shape her bust. The specific construction of this bra makes the breasts appear lifted and fuller. In turn, this goes perfectly with elegant dresses, lightweight blouses. Balconette bras, especially the highly stiffened ones, “collect” the bust, firmly holding it in place, so they are popular among women with larger breasts.

The perfectly fitted balconette bra for you? You’ve come to the right place. We offer a wide range of sizes so every woman can find her ideal fit. When designing our bras, we carefully select the right materials and pay attention to the smallest details. We sew our balconette bras from soft knit fabric and use elegant lace and rich embroidery for the finishing touches. The Lascava balconette bra is the choice of every woman who values premium products.

Lascava Balconette Bras – Excellent Style and Quality

What sets our products apart is excellent quality. We manufacture the lingerie in EU, based on elaborate designs that cater to the needs of modern women from the USA, Canada, Britain and other countries. The balconette bra you can find in our store is the perfect choice if you are looking for a comfortable bra that also follows current trends. At each stage of the design process, we make sure to combine style and quality.

The key element is selecting appropriate materials that will ensure the bra fits perfectly and does not cause any abrasions. The pleasant-to-touch fabric and eye-catching details make each bra ideal for everyday wear. We decorate the balconette bras by hand with custom-designed embroidery, beautiful lace, and other decorative elements. Such exquisite lingerie will make you always feel sensual, fresh and comfortable. A perfectly fitted bra is the key to feeling great all day long. The balconette bra is intended for every self-confident woman.

A Balconette for Every Woman

A perfectly shaped bust, comfort no matter the situation, and stylish look – this is what the best balconette bra provides. Having created women’s lingerie for many years, we know how important a well-designed and constructed bra is. This is why creating a collection of balconette bras, we make sure they are flawless. We offer lingerie for every woman, so our selection includes bras in many color variants, diverse patterns and of course in a wide range of sizes. Regardless of whether you are a petite woman or have a curvier figure, you will find a perfectly fitted bra here.

The balconette bra is a sensual choice that works with many outfits. If you are looking for perfectly fitted, comfortable yet stylish lingerie – you will certainly find your dream bra model here. Every woman deserves sensual, beautiful lingerie.