Women's Tights: Style, Comfort, and Quality for Your Wardrobe

The Style and Comfort of Tights - Wardrobe Essentials for Every Woman

Women's TightsTights are not just a practical clothing item, but above all a stylish addition to many outfits. Depending on the model, they work well for everyday wear, dressy occasions and work. With so many options to choose from! Sheer, skin-colored and black tights are an absolute must-have in every woman's closet. We all know situations where bare, naked legs may be considered inappropriate. Many women like to wear tights for visual reasons, to hide small skin imperfections. So in the summer, opt for ultra-thin 6 and 8 DEN models that will be like a second skin - almost invisible and unfelt. In other seasons, choose tights from optimal 15-20 DEN to warm and opaque 100, 140 and even 300 DEN!

Key Features

  • Available in plain or stylish printed patterns like animal prints and geometrics
  • Offered in a range of opacities from ultra-sheer 6 DEN to warm 300 DEN
  • Include functional options like shaping, compression, and maternity tights
  • Made from high quality certified yarns for durability and comfort
  • Offered in sizes ranging from 2-S to 5-XL to suit all body types
  • Provide versatility to complement dressy occasions, everyday wear, and work outfits
  • Feature reinforced toes and waistbands for a customized, non-sliding fit
  • Manufactured under strict quality controls and independent auditing
  • Designed for movement with 4-way stretch fabrics from innovative technical fabrics
  • Offer extended sizing with plus size tights up to 5XL

Lascava Tights – Quality First

Women's tights must be like the cherry on top of the outfit. Lascava is well aware of this, which is why it perfectly combines quality with style. All tights models are made using high quality yarns with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate. Products with this sign do not contain substances harmful to health and the environment.

Woman's tightsAdvanced technology allows us to refine tights so that they provide maximum comfort while looking elegant. With Lascava tights, you can forget about running stitches, and a reinforced toe area, a pressure-free waistband, or a comfortable panty part will make you feel confident and comfortable for hours. All new models undergo numerous tests so that ultimately, the highest quality tights end up on store shelves and then in your closet. For this purpose, we operate in accordance with the ISO system - an international standard that defines the requirements that a quality management system in an organization should meet. Manufacturers meet them all, and annual audits only confirm the maintenance of high standards.

Tights for Special Tasks

Recommended manufacturers meet even the most demanding expectations, because they know that modern women want more from their tights. Functional tights are the answer to the needs of many customers. The offer includes slimming, sculpting and compression tights. Thanks to them, you can more easily say goodbye to cellulite and forget about swollen legs. You will also be able to enjoy a sculpted silhouette not only during big nights out, but also on a daily basis.

Another special offer is maternity tights. They have been developed with the health and comfort of expectant mothers in mind. They do not squeeze the pregnant belly while perfectly contouring to the figure. They have reinforcement in the lower back to relieve spine muscles, and a special semi-circular seam in the front supports the abdomen. Comfort, convenience and beauty - this is the best description of Lascava maternity tights.

Tights - Frequently Asked Questions

What tights are available from Lascava?

Woman's tightsWe offer many types of tights - from classic sheer black and skin-colored, through patterned, to functional tights with preventive effects. There are also maternity and plus size tights. Ultra-thin summer models and thick, warm winter tights. For special occasions, Lascava's offer includes bridal and erotic tights. All this so that every woman can feel beautiful and comfortable.

What are tights made of?

Tights are made of highest grade certified yarns. The following materials are used:

  • polyamide,
  • microfiber,
  • elastane,
  • cotton,
  • stretch,
  • elastile.

The choice of the right proportions and types of yarns determines the performance properties of tights, e.g. degree of gloss or elasticity. Thanks to advanced technologies, we create tights, for example, in which you can forget about running stitches. We offer a range of different solutions for maximum wearing comfort.

What sizes of tights are available?

In our store you will find tights in all sizes - from 2-S to 5-XL. You can safely order a model according to your standard size. You will find detailed size information in our size chart and on each product page.

What should you pay attention to when choosing tights colors?

Woman's tightsChoose the color of tights according to your preferences, but take into account current trends and do not forget the nature of the outfit. For formal outfits, wear tights strictly according to dress code requirements. When choosing skin-colored shades, remember that their color must match your complexion as closely as possible! Or it can be slightly darker, never lighter. Sheer black tights will work for evening looks that are kept entirely in dark shades. For everyday wear, don't be afraid to break up muted outfits with bold tights colors or create a look in line with the total look or color blocking trend based on contrast. If you want to visually lengthen your legs and slim your figure - match the color of shoes and tights.

How to put on tights?

  • The right way to put on tights affects how well they fit, which translates into wearing comfort. Just follow these simple steps:
  • roll the tights cuff all the way down to your toes, stretch it slightly and start pulling onto your foot,
  • when you have pulled one leg up to your calf, do the same with the other,
  • holding your thumbs inside the legs, pull the entire tights onto your legs,
  • gently stretch the panty part and pull it onto your hips, buttocks and stomach,
  • arrange the waistband and smooth out any creases.

Remember to remove any jewelry from your hands before putting on tights as it could damage them.