Women’s Corsets

Women’s Corsets – Lingerie You’ll Love

Women’s corsets made a comeback in the 1980s. After a long break caused by women’s emancipation, they finally stopped being associated with enslavement and detrimental health effects. The modern corset was comfortable, subtly shaped the waist and, most importantly, looked extremely sexy. The first models that appeared on Jean Paul Gaultier’s runway caused quite a sensation. Such daring lingerie had not been the norm before. But women fell in love with the new style, and nowadays lace or leather sexy corsets are also worn as tops.

The most fashionable corsets beautifully showcase the assets of the female figure. A corset accentuates and lifts the breasts, smooths the stomach and love handles. It adds spice to evening wear, looks great as a base under a fitted blazer or jacket. Slimming models made of elastic, usually nude material, which are worn by celebrities under tight dresses on the red carpet are also hugely popular. Apart from the traditional corset, we can also distinguish the underbust corset that requires wearing a bra.

Stylish Women’s Corsets – Lascava Selection

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Trendy Women’s Corsets: Evening, Everyday and Slimming

A corset is a part of women’s clothing or lingerie designed to slim the waist, lift and push up the bust while smoothing the upper body. For many years it was an obligatory and integral part of every woman's wardrobe, until at some point it became a symbol of enslavement and gender inequality.

The modern corset differs a lot from its traditional predecessor – while it also aims to slim the figure and accentuate the waist, it no longer affects its appearance so significantly – importantly, it doesn’t cause permanent body changes in women. Often, it’s simply a regular top referencing classic corsets in its shape and details. It’s precisely such models you’ll find at Lascava.

If you’re looking for special occasion lingerie, check out evening women’s corsets. Made of lace, satin or silk, these styles model the figure and boost confidence. You can wear them under clothes, as an addition to a suit, but also in the comfort of home – paired with a satin robe and comfy slippers.

Want to add character to everyday looks? Discover gothic leather corsets. They look amazing worn over an elegant white shirt or classy blazer. It’s a styling trick beloved by fashionistas and fashion editors.

For dresses for big nights out, we recommend slimming women's corsets that will accentuate the waist and visually slim the figure. It's the perfect choice under a pencil skirt or bodycon dress.