Women's bodysuits

Bodysuit is a characteristic element of women's wardrobe, which is perfect as a practical underwear or a stylish blouse. It all depends on which model you choose. In the Lascava online store you will find fashionable women's bodysuits for trousers, dresses or skirts from a European manufacturer. Each of them has been designed and made with attention to the smallest detail. Elegant body signed by our brand are made of cotton or viscose blends with elastic polyamide and elastane. We recommend a very wide selection of styles, patterns, colors and sizes. Explore our collection and choose the perfect teddy for yourself every day, party and other occasions.

Women's bodysuit – what is it and how to put it on?

Bodysuit Obsessive Bellastia TeddyWomen's bodysuit is a specific type of women's underwear inspired by the costumes of acrobats and ballet dancers. Its cut resembles one-piece bathing suits. Its characteristic feature is the fastening in the crotch with snaps (sometimes manufacturers also use other fastenings). Women's tight-fitting bodysuit should be put on like a blouse, then connect the lower parts together and fasten. It is perfect for low-waisted trousers and skirts - after putting on a bodysuit, you are guaranteed that the blouse will not pull up and will not reveal the back or figs. A cool women's bodysuit can also become an element of the most fashionable styling. It fits perfectly to any figure, gently hugs it and makes the clothes fit even better.

Women's teddy – why is it worth wearing?

Do you remember the characteristic gymnastic outfit that emphasizes the figure, in which the supermodel Cindy Crawford trained years ago? These are bodysuits for women that experienced their renaissance in the 80s and 90s of the twentieth century. Over the years, it was somewhat forgotten, but the fashion comes full circle and the teddy is back in favor again. Ladies appreciate the comfort it provides and its stylish appearance. Women's teddy for a skirt or trousers perfectly adheres to the body, does not roll up and does not roll up. In addition, it nicely emphasizes the figure and allows you to feel completely comfortable regardless of the size you wear.

Smooth women's bodysuit every day is a comfortable underwear that will give you freedom of movement. Perfect for exercise - thanks to it, even when bending, you are guaranteed that the clothes will stay in place. The elastic fabric will gently emphasize the waistline and bust and slightly correct the protruding sides. Do you want to wear a fitted dress, but you are afraid that your figure will not look exactly the way you want? A tight-fitting bodysuit for a party is a great choice. Choose a modeling model to get a really cool effect.

Bodysuit (underwear) – clothing for many different occasions – get to know the types of bodies

A nice bodysuit for trousers, a skirt or a dress will increase your self-confidence, let you feel beautiful and comfortable. This inconspicuous accessory perfectly matches everyday, sports, official, evening and party stylizations. In our online store you will find a classic elegant bodysuit and more sophisticated models decorated with tasteful lace, tulle, mesh or bows that give it a slightly frivolous character.

Bodysuit Obsessive Bellastia TeddyOn sale you will find a very large selection of styles:

  • blouse bodysuit – women's clothing that can have wider straps, short or long sleeves, a deeper neckline or be finished with a turtleneck. Its appearance resembles traditional blouses. Such a model will be perfect as an elegant body for a skirt or trousers. It will replace a blouse, top and even a classic shirt. Its advantage is that the material does not move and does not roll,
  • women's bodysuit-underwear – slightly sensual models that function as beautiful underwear. Sexy women's teddies are perfect for women who do not like thongs or underwired bras, and at the same time want to look tempting. A cool women's teddy will help you emphasize the advantages of the figure, attract the eyes with transparent mesh or tulle inserts, and at the same time will cover minor shortcomings of the figure and allow you to feel confident,
  • corrective – seamless underwear made of elastic materials that helps to correct the waistline, stomach and hips. There are also cuts with a built-up bottom that optically lift the butt,
  • sports – designed for dancers and women practicing sports. However, it is also perfect for fitness, rumba or aerobics classes. Its characteristic feature is that it fits perfectly to the body and is made of a material that allows the skin to breathe, and at the same time absorbs moisture very well.

Dress bodysuit

Stylish cutouts on the sides, transparent inserts, or maybe a deep neckline? The bodysuit for the dress should match the outfit you plan to wear. A smooth pattern made of elastic fabric, with thin or thicker straps, will be perfect for more fitted cuts.

Elegant skirt teddies

Do you want to combine a bodysuit with a skirt or trousers? You can choose an underwear model that you can wear under a blouse, sweater or shirt, or a blouse body that will serve as an extraordinary top. Remember that the elegant women's bodysuit for the skirt should match it stylistically. Then give up thin fabrics, transparent inserts or frivolous lace accessories that are associated with underwear in favor of more stylish models. In winter, a thicker women's long-sleeved bodysuit or a turtleneck pattern will be perfect. In spring and summer, choose short sleeves and thinner fabrics. Women's decorative bodysuits that you want to wear as clothing rather than underwear should not resemble a swimsuit.

Fashionable women's bodysuit for trousers

Keep a similar rule when looking for a bodysuit for trousers. You can wear it both with jeans and more elegant trousers made of fabric. Elegant women's black body will look great under an open jacket or a longer cardigan. Do you create everyday styling? Fashionable bodysuit for women's summer, combine with jeans, a hoodie and sneakers. At home, you can wear your favorite bodysuit with tracksuits or leggings.

Where to buy women's bodysuits?

Are you looking for a fancy bodysuits that will replace underwear? Or maybe you are interested in an elegant women's body for a skirt and trousers or a slightly figure-correcting model to wear with a party dress? Where to buy women's bodysuits to ensure wearing comfort and enjoy beautiful design at the same time? The European body manufacturer invites you. At LASCAVA you will find fashionable women's bodysuits with long or short sleeves and straps of various thicknesses in sizes from XS to XXXL, in stylish colors - nude, black, red, burgundy and others. We recommend it for every day, party and special occasions. The most fashionable models are just waiting for your move. Explore our collection, choose cool women's bodysuits for yourself, create stylizations for various occasions and feel chic at any time.