Women's panties

Women's panties - art guarding comfort

Woman's lace pantiesUnderwear is the most important element of a woman's wardrobe, which is the basis for creating further styling. So it is worth making sure that what we wear every day under our clothes is both comfortable, convenient, but also beautiful. For many years, we have been looking at the diverse needs of women, persistently looking for perfect solutions to improve the comfort of wearing panties, following the latest trends and using the latest technologies so that you can enjoy comfort and delight with your beauty every day. The women's panties that we create for you are classic forms complemented by interesting design, the highest selection of materials and careful workmanship, which translates into high wearing comfort. Soft lace, rich embroidery, subtle meshes that are a decorative element combined with the delicacy of pleasant to the body, breathable materials make our panty models full of elegance and sensuality.

Bikinis or brazilians? Learn the differences

Both bikinis and brazilians are the most popular women's panties. Ladies love them for their versatility and comfort. Bikinis are extremely comfortable briefs that cover most of the butt. They have an optimal – not too high, but not too low, waist. They are suitable for every woman, regardless of figure. They are especially good for every day, to be worn under your favorite jeans, dresses and in pair with homewear style clothing. In the Lascava collection, there are plenty of bikini designs waiting for you – from smooth, minimalist models to richly decorated with intricate lace.

Brazilians came to us from the hot country of South America, hence their characteristic name. It is Brazilian women, who are famous all over the world for their feminine shapes, who willingly expose their buttocks, wearing tight-fitting panties that reveal the butt. Brazilians available in the Lascava offer are the golden mean between sexy thongs and ultra-comfortable classic panties. From the front, they practically do not differ from bikini panties, but from the back you can see a fundamental difference, because they do not cover the buttocks completely – the butt is only half covered. Contrary to appearances, these panties are suitable for every woman. If you have round and firm buttocks, Brazilians will additionally emphasize and expose them. On the other hand, the smaller butt will be optically modeled – it will become rounder and lifted. This type of women's panties will work well under tight clothes and light fabrics, because they will be almost invisible.

Women's panties for special tasks

Women's see-through pantiesShapewear is a hit, so it's worth having it in your wardrobe. High-waisted panties optically slim the figure, highlighting the waist, hiding the sides and protruding belly and lifting the butt. But they will work not only when you want to quickly achieve the effect of a slimmer figure. Beautifully made shapewear adds sex appeal to every woman. You can wear it every day, but use this type of panties especially for special occasions, for demanding creations that hug the body.

The second type of unique underwear are women's seamless panties. Made in the revolutionary seamless technology, they are devoid of side seams. Thanks to this, they are like a second skin – almost imperceptible and invisible under clothes. Wearing them, you can forget about unpleasant imprints or abrasions on the skin. The lack of side seams also means no unsightly markings on clothes. For this reason, seamless underwear is ideal to wear under even the tightest clothes. Lascava's offer includes a rich collection of seamless underwear, including the best-selling bikini panties in three universal colors: white, black and nude.

Panties from Lascava - excellent quality, great style

Panties from European manufacturers in the Laskaca online store – excellent quality, excellent style. Designers have learned to combine functionality and excellent quality with good style. All women's panties are designed with attention to even the smallest detail, using the right fabrics so you can feel beautiful, confident and comfortable every day. Both classic seamless panties and panties made of intricate lace or sheer mesh are pleasantly soft and airy. The number of patterns and colors available can make you dizzy. Fill your lingerie drawer with several new panties – brazilians, bikinis, thongs, shorts or high-waisted panties, but not only.