Push-Up Bras

Push-Up Bras - An Easy Way to Get a Bigger Bust!

Push up braIt's no secret that bras were designed with women who dream of a large and beautiful bust in mind. Push-up bras are currently one of the most popular bra models sold in online stores. Women have fallen in love with them primarily due to the effect they provide, as these popular push-ups do a great job of enlarging and lifting the breasts. Who should opt for this type of bra? What do push-up bras look like? Who are push-up bras suitable for?

What characterizes a push-up bra?

What sets push-up bras apart from standard models is that they are equipped with special padded cups that contain soft padding made of foam, padding, or silicone. Additional silicone inserts for the bra are located in a pocket so they can easily be taken out. It's also worth mentioning that the bras come with underwires whose main purpose is to support the bust and showcase it attractively. A properly fitted push-up bra gathers the breasts from the sides and lifts them up, which optically increases their volume by a few sizes.

Bust-enhancing push-up bra

For more sensual styles, lace bras that highlight femininity are the best match. For women who value freedom of movement and opt for outfits with exposed shoulders and bare backs, we recommend strapless and silicone bras that lack straps and underwires. Bras in a nude skin-tone color that lends class and elegance are also hugely popular among women. For ladies who want to achieve maximum breast enhancement, we recommend super push-up bras. Double padding, thermally molded cups ensure the circumference increases by up to 6 cm. Our online lingerie store offers best-selling products from top European brands like Gorteks, Gaia, Nipplex, Henderson, Mediolano and Gorsenia at attractive prices. Choose your perfect push-up bra from the Lascava online store.

It’s worth mentioning that super push-up bras offer an exceptional effect of emphasizing the beauty of the bust not only for special nights out but also for everyday looks. Thanks to advanced designs, these bras provide maximum lift and enhancement for added volume and an attractive shape. In everyday life, super push-up bras boost confidence by helping create a sensual appearance that highlights your body’s natural assets. They’re therefore ideal for women who want everyday emphasis of their femininity as well as a spectacular effect for special nights out.

Everyday and dress-up push-up bras

The push-up bras available on lasscava.com can be worn daily under blouses and tops, as well as on special occasions—under an evening gown. Good push-up bras will make you look attractive at home, work, and on trips. You’ll feel comfortable yet very feminine in them. Exclusive push-up bras in our range include black, lacey models perfect for sophisticated outfits that make you feel exceptional. They’re ideal under an elegant cocktail dress, evening gown, or even wedding dress.

A white or nude push-up bra doesn’t have to be lingerie for special occasions only. You can wear good push-up bras for any occasion. What’s more, a push-up bra boosts confidence, so worn under a sexy chemise or paired with alluring thongs, it will make you feel sexy and womanly at night too. Particularly exclusive red push-up bras can fulfill expectations and fantasies for both partners. Paired with matching stockings, they make for an ideal sexy outfit for a special night and romantic evening.

Even those with a small bust, super push-up bras flatter the breasts pleasantly, making them appear larger yet still very natural-looking. Our range also includes plus size push-up bras that will arouse the senses and spark your partner’s imagination. Super push-up bras showcase your décolletage beautifully for ideal accentuation. You can choose between smooth bra versions with interesting details and comfortable features like detachable straps.

For ladies who value elegance, classic beige and black bras are essential. Meanwhile, younger women will take note of the many colorful options. Such a push-up bra may come in different versions – with silicone straps, delicately sheer, or in a sporty version with shipping to the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and other countries worldwide. See what you need and choose a push-up bra from our extensive collection.

Push up bra

Push-Up Bra Safety Tips

While push-up bras can make you feel sexy and confident, it's important to wear them safely to avoid potential health issues:

  • Don't wear them for over 10 hours at a time. Take breaks to allow blood circulation.
  • Choose the right size and adjustable straps to prevent discomfort, shoulder indentations, or back pain. Make sure wires don't poke into breast tissue.
  • Opt for bras with light padding vs heavy padding to put less pressure on breast tissue.
  • Give your breasts a break at night and on weekends by wearing soft, wire-free bras or none at all.
  • Don't sleep in your push-up bra as it can reduce blood flow and lymph drainage.
  • If you experience symptoms like pain, tingling, numbness, red marks, or swelling, take off the bra and give your breasts a rest. Consult a doctor if symptoms persist.
  • Get properly fitted for a push-up bra at a lingerie store at least once a year as your size may change. An ill-fitting bra can damage breast tissue and muscles over time.

Prioritizing comfort and listening to your body when wearing a push-up bra can keep you healthy while you enjoy the confidence boost! Our customer service is also happy to help with any fit or style questions.