How to make an order

On our website, our online store is designed to make your shopping experience as convenient and straightforward as possible. Registering will allow you to track your order status, view your order history, and leave reviews.

After placing an order on the website:

  • An automatic order confirmation will be sent to your email.
  • Once we receive your order, we will confirm the availability of the ordered items in our warehouse and send you a payment link or a PayPal payment request. This process usually takes a few minutes. In rare cases, if some items are not in stock, we will inform you for replacement or exclusion from the order.
  • After confirming the order, it will be processed and shipped to you.

How to Place an Order (Details)

  • Select the size, color (if options are available), and quantity of the desired item.
  • Click "Buy" and either proceed to the cart to complete your purchase if you've made a decision, or continue shopping.
  • Once you've added the desired quantity of items to your cart, open your cart (located in the upper right corner of the website – the cart icon) and proceed to checkout.
  • In the cart, you can both add and remove items. To remove items, click the cross icon in the cart or on the checkout page.

While registration on the website is not mandatory to place an order, it offers you several benefits:

  • View the history of your orders and reviews.
  • Receive email newsletters about the latest products and store promotions from Lascava.
  • Enjoy additional discounts for registered users.

(You can register here or during the checkout process).

Happy shopping!