Men's Classic Slip Briefs

Men's slip briefsMen's slip briefs are a classic panty style that has enjoyed unwavering popularity for years. These are tight and slightly risqué styles that resemble the letter Y in their cut. These popular men's panties first appeared on the US market in 1935 as jockeys. Since then, they have undergone many transformations, and manufacturers have created styles that differ slightly in shape, types of cuts, waistband height, and finishes. Still, men's slip briefs remain the most important element in many gentlemen's underwear drawers. They hug the body well while being comfortable and versatile at the same time, so they can be worn under any clothes.

The Lascava online store with men's slip briefs offers high-quality plain and patterned briefs made from the finest cotton. Check out our collection and choose underwear in which you will feel comfortable in any situation.

What are men's slip briefs?

These are traditional men's underwear. Slips are quite deeply cut at the front and do not have leg openings like boxers. They often expose not only the thighs but sometimes part of the buttocks as well. They hug the body well, conforming to any physique. Men's panties made from soft to the touch, slightly stretchy fabric are comfortable for both slender and more muscular gentlemen. They are ideal for sports and everyday activities.

How to wear men's slip briefs

Men's slips hug the body well, so they work great under elegant suit pants, skinny jeans, tight athleticwear and other well-fitting pants. They are discreet and their line does not stand out visibly under tight clothes (loose boxers may show through, which creates an unflattering effect). But you can actually wear them with anything because they are exceptionally versatile and comfortable.

How to choose men's slip briefs

Men's classic briefsSlips come in a few styles that differ slightly from one another. Classic models have more covered sides. They are very comfortable to wear, do not squeeze and adapt well to any physique. Men's sport slips have a slightly lower rise and are cut higher on the thighs. Men's mini briefs are men's panties with a lowered waist and narrow sides that are ideal for wearing under low-rise pants. Tangos are slips cut deeper around the thighs.

How to choose the right size men's slip briefs

Perfectly fitting men's panties should hug the buttocks well but cannot squeeze too much or be uncomfortable to wear. After taking them off, there should be no creases or other visible marks left on the skin. You can choose your slip size by measuring your waist and hips. Manufacturers provide both values as a range based on which you can match the perfect pair for yourself. Our online store with men's slips provides a size chart with each model to make shopping easier. We offer sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL and XXXXL.

Slips – an online store with trendy men's underwear

Our online store's range of men's slips and underwear includes a wide selection of basic solid styles as well as original patterns that stand out with bold colors or unusual prints. Black, navy or grey men's panties will complement any clothes perfectly. Do you prefer a more original design? We recommend fashionable men's striped, checked or other interesting motif slips that will allow you to choose underwear perfectly tailored to your taste. These include both tighter and looser styles. Carefully sewn seams and finishes as well as good quality elastic bands (including from microfiber or tunnel elastics) ensure the underwear stays properly in place even during running or playing sports, while still being exceptionally comfortable and non-constricting.

Men's slip briefs – online store – why it’s worth choosing underwear from our range

Men's slip briefs from the Lascava online store are high-quality underwear designed and manufactured in Europe. Our range includes men's panties created by experienced designers from the best lingerie manufacturers and produced in factories with years of experience in the industry. Our goal is to provide underwear that perfectly combines durability with wearing comfort and fashionable designs, which is why we only use the best materials.

The slip briefs are sewn from luxurious cotton with a slight elastane blend that ensures an even better fit. The most comfortable models have front profiling from cutting or overlapped fabric to further enhance everyday comfort. We offer a wide range of sizes, styles, patterns and colors, so classic style admirers as well as gentlemen looking for the hottest lingerie trends will find their perfect pair here. We recommend not only individual pieces, but also affordable 2 or 3 packs of the same styles. Discover our collection and choose men's slip briefs for any occasion and season.