Nursing Bras

Nursing BraComfort, safety, convenient feeding of the baby – these are the main reasons why pregnant and nursing women buy bras specifically designed for them. It's great if they are beautiful, high-quality, harmless, adapt to the growing bust and meet the expectations placed on them – that is, the kind sold in the Lascava online store.

All of them are made by European brands Ava, Gaia, Alles and others. These manufacturers specialize in creating underwear for women who will soon become or have already become mothers. They sew it from modern, elastic, breathable fabrics that feel good against the skin: delicate microfiber knitwear, soft silky viscose, high-quality cotton.

Nursing Bras in the USA

All the bras we offer in this category are maximally adapted for breastfeeding, adjust to its changing volume, provide good support and reliable protection:

  • The opening cups with clip clasps are easily unclipped with one hand and just as easily clasped.
  • During feeding, only the nipple and areolar area is exposed, the rest of the bust remains covered and is reliably held by the bra.
  • The straps are wide, do not dig into the body, comfortably support large, milk-heavy breasts.
  • The cups are lined with soft cotton fabric with an antimicrobial coating.

These are the general characteristics. Now let's look at all the types of nursing bras that can be purchased in the Lascava online store:

  1. Padded with a thin layer of foam or polyurethane foam, with deep enclosed cups.
  2. Padded on delicate bones that provide additional support but do not constrict the mammary glands.
  3. Semi-soft, with padding only on the lower half of the cups, best suited for a large bust.
  4. Soft on bones or without, with elastic cups that increase or decrease as needed.
  5. Seamless on bones, with reinforced waistband, with innovative microfiber thread weaving, antimicrobial, breathable. They are indispensable for everyday wear outdoors and at home during the day or at night.
  6. Cotton tops without frames, resemble an ordinary camisole, ideal for wearing at home, comfortable even for sleeping in.

We always have in stock nursing bras of any size – large and small. They are all comfortable, practical, beautiful. There is also a wide choice of colors – black, white, pink, blue, nude, patterned. You can see what all this beauty looks like in the product photos.

In addition to nursing bras, you can order nursing tops, tank tops for feeding children, silicone pads for straps, as well as loungewear, panties, tights, leggings and corrective underwear for pregnant women from us not only for customers from the USA, but also from England, Canada, Australia and any other countries around the world.

Supportive Bras for Pregnant Women

Already in the first months of pregnancy, the breasts increase in size, change shape, and become very sensitive even to gentle touches. And if they are not provided with enhanced support – stretch marks on the skin will be inevitable. Therefore, even in the early stages, you need to start wearing a good supportive maternity bra of special design, specifically created for pregnant women, taking into account the anatomical changes caused by pregnancy.

Note: almost all of these bras sold in the Lascava online store are suitable for breastfeeding. This is very practical, because you can use them both during pregnancy and postpartum. Judge for yourself: first your breasts will grow, immediately after birth they will be the biggest, and then, when milk production is established, they will start to decrease. And if you buy 3 special bras for pregnant and nursing women, all of different sizes, they will serve you well throughout your pregnancy and during the process of feeding your baby. Moreover, it is better that two of them are padded or have underwires, and one is a top that is especially comfortable during nighttime sleep.

How to Choose a Bra for Pregnant and Nursing Women

In order to properly pick out a bra for pregnant and nursing women, use the "Check Size" table located next to the photo on each product page and determine your size according to it. Now that you know it, click on it in the catalog table (located on the right side of each page) and all matching models will open for you immediately.

Before giving birth, you will need to purchase one more bra "for future growth", you will need it in the first days in the maternity hospital. How to choose it: simply add one size to your measurements taken in the 9th month – to the chest circumference and to the cup. If you have difficulties or cannot decide which bra suits you best, consult our experienced manager before making a purchase.

How Much Does a Nursing Bra Cost

They cost about the same as regular bras. But not all manufacturers make them as beautiful, harmless and comfortable as those sold by us. And don't forget to check out the sales page, where you can sometimes find exactly what you need at a very attractive price.

If you are a wholesale buyer – take advantage of our profitable offer to buy the best nursing bras wholesale at low prices, in large or small batches, size ranges or only large sizes. You can even order just a few pieces - the prices will still be wholesale.