Bodystockings: Seductive Lingerie for Special Occasions

A bodystocking is intimate apparel for very special occasions. Depending on the style, it covers the torso and may also extend over the legs or arms. It's hard to imagine a more sensual, spectacular garment, so choose a bodystocking when you want to make a stunning impression on your beloved!

Bodystockings - Tantalizing Mesh

Black bodystocking ObsessiveA bodystocking is undoubtedly the heaviest ammunition in a woman's arsenal, so it's definitely worth having in your wardrobe. Even if your collection already contains various bras, corsets, panties and stockings (delicate and innocent or very naughty), a bodystocking will surprise both you and your partner.

The secret of a bodystocking's allure lies in the tantalizing balance between what's revealed and what's concealed. At first glance this unique lingerie appears to cover a large part of the body, but because it's sheer (to varying degrees) and playfully cut out, it actually beautifully displays much more. So if you're bored of traditional sets consisting of a bra and panties, it's time to opt for a bolder solution - the bodystocking.

What Bodystockings Are Made Of

Originally stemming from the hosiery segment, this intimate apparel has evolved a lot over time. Today, one of the undeniable advantages of this type of lingerie is the multitude of variations in both cut and used material. For the garment to be spectacular yet comfortable, it must be stretchy and easily adapt to the body. Lascava lingerie is sewn from a very soft, elastic material (90% nylon, 10% elastane) that provides maximum wearing comfort. The use of Multistretch technology allows it to stretch in every direction, guaranteeing a perfect fit. Additionally, All products are made from selected knitted fibers to ensure an exceptionally sharp pattern and durable weave. An unexpected hole requiring darning? Not with our jumpsuits.

For daring women, the brand has prepared captivating bodystockings made of elastic, openwork mesh. A distinctive feature of this style is the large cabaret-style holes that contrast beautifully with the exposed body, attracting gazes. You can also choose a model made of elastic, openwork fine mesh that is very soft and pleasant to the touch. Such an outfit clings to the entire body, beautifully sculpting the figure and accentuating feminine assets.

Types of Bodystockings - What's Revealed and What's Concealed

BodystockingThe level of coverage depends primarily on the texture and pattern. Alongside subtly sheer styles there are nearly transparent ones, so every woman can easily find something suitable. Bodystockings can be smooth or openwork, mesh or lace. If you're just starting your adventure with daring lingerie, opt for a more covered style with fancy embellishments. It may conceal the décolletage, breasts, belly, arms, thighs or even entire legs – just enough to give your partner a clear signal of what might happen next...

Women who have already tried many styles of daring or even racy lingerie can choose very skimpy, sheer sets. Lascava offers bodystockings with an exposed, beautifully displayed bust as well as open crotch options.

You can choose from different colors. Whether you like innocent white, classic black or fiery red, you'll find something for you in Lascava's selection.

The Bodystocking Secret - The Hidden Hole

The boldest ladies will appreciate the open crotch versions. Such a bodystocking will undoubtedly surprise your partner even if you've already shared a lot together. Models with a playful open crotch slit captivate with rich patterns and tantalizing tribal-like embellishments. The effect is even more dazzling because you can stay in this seductive costume until the thrilling climax of your joint adventures. Feel your beloved's touch through the sensual knit! This will certainly be an unforgettable experience for you both that you'll want to repeat soon.

Lascava's bodystocking is delicate yet stretchy and very durable, beautifully sculpting the entire body. Legs, arms, décolletage, breasts and belly look even more spectacular in this alluring outfit, subtly concealing female imperfections.

Tantalizing Bodystocking Accessories

BodystockingEuropean designers ensure bodystocking styles are diverse, unique and above all unforgettable. That's why the brand's selection stands out with elements like:

  • Lavishly decorated knitwear
  • Optically slimming motifs at the top of the thighs
  • Stocking-imitating ornamentation on the legs
  • Vertical bands on the belly that cleverly slim the figure
  • An imaginative combination of top and stockings
  • Sensual straps wrapping around the belly
  • Ties at the neck and back for a perfect fit
  • A vertical slimming strap on the back of the tights

The offer also includes a unique two-piece bodystocking that molds perfectly to the body. Properly placed bands create clearly defined breasts, waist, and hips, while exposed buttocks are wonderfully showcased. Additionally, the stockings give this lingerie a very feminine character.

How to Put On a Bodystocking

To make the bodystocking fulfill its purpose and delight you while sweeping your partner off their feet, you have to choose it well. After selecting the style and color, it's time to pick the size. Since Lascava lingerie is made from high quality stretchy materials, this will be easy. For a bodystocking, simply measure your waist and hip circumference, then use the clear size chart to determine the right fit. Bodystockings come in S/M/L and XL/XXL versions.

The outfit should be worn on bare skin, starting from the bottom up, gently pulling as you would stockings. The elastic material makes this easy, but it's worth taking care with this step. Before heading into your beloved's waiting arms, make sure the costume fits well, seams and straps are properly positioned, and all cutouts and holes are in place. This will make you feel more confident and comfortable. After putting on the bodystocking, check yourself in the mirror again. See for yourself what an impression you'll make...

While primarily erotic lingerie meant for a hot, emotional evening, you can also wear this alluring look for a romantic dinner date, for example, to beautifully sculpt your silhouette. And if your partner notices the sensual glimpses of lace or mesh right at the table, well... dessert will have to wait for you two.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bodystockings

How to wash a bodystocking?

Handle bodystockings delicately and wash by hand or in a lingerie bag on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. Avoid chlorine bleach. Don't wring or twist. Lay flat or hang to dry. Check care instructions as some styles may require dry cleaning only.

What does a bodystocking do?

A bodystocking is a head-to-toe piece of lingerie that shapes, smooths and beautifully displays the female form. The stretch fabric hugs curves, enhances cleavage, and creates an alluring silhouette. Bodystockings can conceal flaws while amplifying assets for a sexy, confident look.

Where to buy a bodystocking?

Bodystockings can be purchased at lingerie stores, adult shops, online boutiques like Lascava, and specialty retailers. For the widest selection, check online as many styles and designers are available. Boutique shops also offer personal fittings and advice. Choose bodystockings in comfortable, high-quality fabrics that complement your shape.